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8 Style Tips for Women in Business

Written by DIVAM JAIN


Posted on March 22 2022

Happy Monday, girls. This blog will dive into the crucial problem for businesswomen- that “what to wear to work” dilemma numerous businesswomen encounter daily. 

 One of the top advice we will give you is

Dress for the position you wish, not the position you have.

Repeat this.

You like it or not- it is a fact that appearances do count. They are the foremost image people get of us, so let’s formulate our arrival to offer the correct impression. The point is to deliver ourselves as skilled, respectable, and influential.

Qualities such as work ethic, competency, and professionalism are valued the most. Still, people take cues about who we are and our aspirations in the workplace from how we offer ourselves. Think of choosing attire as an element of personal branding.

So, let’s handle how to dress for hit…

  1. Do be faithful to yourself.

We do not think you must not dress to fit in an office space. We think that you must dress in a reasonably modest, office-appropriate style. But within those policies, you do you!

If you pick color, then let it be. If you like heels, then wear heels. If you want to wear bold lipstick, then save the rest of your makeup reasonably naturalistic. Just balance accessories with more traditional, neutral elements. 

Being faithful to yourself is an honourable leadership quality. So practice it in all forms, including the way you dress.


  1. Do invest in quality, staple articles.

A businesswoman is always savvy with spending your cash. There are definitely methods to penny pinch, but your business closet is not one of them. Though the price may seem like a lot up front, in reality, you’ll get a ton of charge for your buck. If the article is premium-quality, you’ll be capable of wearing it repeatedly.

Think quality over quantity. 

 Don’t wear open-toed shoes.

Talking of shoes… we don’t know what it is, but there is a thing about open-toed shoes that is incredibly off-putting in the office. Keep them for the beach, for the weekends, for the night outs, or everywhere except the office.

And, if you do press on wearing open-toed shoes, ensure your feet are appropriately groomed.

  1. Avoid showing too much skin.

We recommend being aware of this in two separate tracks.

(1) Concentrate on your skirt or dress length.

The right length is critical! Your apparel and skirts must at least be below the top of your knee. Remember that your apparel or skirt will automatically rise as you sit in a chair, making it appear shorter. Be mindful of any slits your clothes might include as well. 

(2) Don’t reveal cleavage. It’s simply not suitable. Along those lines, ensure your top is not at all see-through and that undergarments are not seeable.

Ensure to confer your employee manual for detailed dress code regulations for your office.

  1. Don’t overdo your makeup.

Moderation is critical, as most of these recommendations. Apply your makeup to improve your natural features. If you like bold lips, just do it. But keep everything else neutral. Detour overly dramatizing yourself with items such as false eyelashes, smoky eyeshadows, or a lot of bronzer.

Before going to a meeting, ensure that you don’t have any makeup smudges, lipstick on your teeth, or food in your teeth. 

  1. Never over accessorize.

Moderation is the key, or less is more. Additions can create or shatter your outfit. They are the focal point, choose them wisely. Choose a premium-quality handbag or briefcase. Rather than piling on the jewellery, pick something classic such as a lovely pair of pearl earrings or an uncomplicated necklace.

Just keep it simple, smarty!

  1. Do think about colours.

We definitely believe in the power of colours! So, as we are in for wearing colour in the office, think about the psychology of colour when determining what colour to wear. For example, red is a powerful colour but can also be bold. So, think about what’s on your schedule as you pick the outfit for your day.

  1. Don’t be too trendy.

If you work in fashion, the office area will allow you to test the most delinquent runway trends.

You like to ooze an air of class, grace, and power, but an overly trendy look can steal the deal. You want your impression to boost your statement of professionalism, not soak it down.


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