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FABNEST. (‘Company’) would like to thank you for being associated & shopping with us at our website (hereinafter referred to as the (Platforms").

This cancellation and return policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) describes about our customer friendly product cancellation, return, store credit and refund policy in respect of shopping made at our Platforms.

Please note, any / all claims of shopping cancellation, return, replacement, store credit or refunds shall be dealt by this policy and the Company reserves its right to change the Policy at any time without any prior notice. To make sure you are aware of any changes, please review this policy periodically. You are requested to peruse and understand the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Policy, then you are advised not to accept the terms of use and may forthwith refrain yourself from using the Platforms. The terms contained in this Policy shall be accepted without modification and you agree to be bound by the terms contained herein by initiating a request for purchase of Product(s) on the Platforms.

    • The Company provides you an option to cancel an order when it is in packed/shipped status. Please note that post confirmation of your order by the seller, you may not be able cancel your order from your account. In order to cancel such order, we request you to contact our customer care and place your request with them. 
    • In case of cancellation of Your order(s) prior to packaging, when the Products are ready to ship (other than Cash on Delivery, for which no amount will be refunded because you haven't paid for Your order), for which payments was made, you will receive your refund, unless specifically requested by the customers to refund in to the source / bank account, in form of store credit, which can be utilized for further purchases on the Platform. At request of the customer to refund the amount in the into his bank account, refund will be initiated into his source account, which was originally used for making payment at the time of placing order, within 7-14 days from date of request of the customer and subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.
    • The Company’s Policy gives you an option, subject to terms and conditions of this policy, to return, replace or exchange items purchased on the Platform for the specific reasons prescribed by the Company within the specified return/exchange window. You may check the product details page for the return window, refund & exchange available for respective product and product category.
      • Before accepting shipment of any product, kindly ensure that the product’s packaging is not damaged or tampered. If the package is damaged or tampered, in such case you must refuse to accept delivery. We assure exchange or replacement for the products, or issue of store credit(s), or refund, as the case may be, upon such refused deliveries. Accepting delivery of such damaged or tampered shipments shall be entirely at your risk and Company shall not be responsible for the same. 
      • If you are dissatisfied with the Product purchased through the Platform or in the event where there are defects and deficiencies in the products, you may initiate a request for product exchange, replacement, or return, as the case may be, on the Platforms. 
      • All return shall be subject to the quality check and if found to be used and is not preserve in its original condition with tags, and packaging, the product will not be eligible for return irrespective of the return window provided. You are welcome to try on a product but please take adequate measure to preserve its condition. 
      • The product to be returned shall require to be packed properly in order prevent the damage or loss of any nature in transit. Our delivery agent will do a initial quality check on the return. If the picked up product does not pass the initial quality check, We reserves Our right to deny the return at the stages of the pickup itself. However, if a return picked up and fails in the quality check, We, without being obligated so, reserves our right to ship it back to you.
      • If you choose to exchange the item for reason of mismatch of size or receipt of a defective item, you will be provided with a replacement of the item free of cost. However, all exchanges are subject to stock availability and subject to your address being serviceable for an exchange. If you choose to exchange an item, we will need to receive the product back and then we will dispatch the new product to you. 
      • Please note that we offer you an option to exchange items purchased by you on Platform for same or different sizes of same style or for any other item of the same or different value from the Company within the specified exchange period subject to your address being serviceable for an exchange. Return, exchange, or replace shall be allowed only once during the return window. 
      • FABNEST does not have a cash-refund policy. However, we would be happy to exchange your product or provide you with FABNEST store credit. FABNEST store credit value will be the same amount as that of the product you purchased.
      • You can redeem this FABNEST store credit on our website via logging into your account to shop.
      • Unless specifically requested by the customers, all refund will be provided in form of store credit after clearing the quality check, which can be utilized for further purchases on the Platform. At request of the customer to refund the amount in the into the bank account, refund will be initiated into the source account, which was originally used for making payment at the time of placing order, within 7-14 days from date of receipt of the product back in our warehouse, from the customer, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.
      • The refund will reflect either (i) in case of store credit(s) in your admin panel; or (ii) at your request, in your bank account which was originally used for purchase of the products. All refunds in your bank account shall be subject to applicable charges as your bank may deduct as per their policy. In such cases, if you find any deduction from the amount of refund which is not communicated to you, please check with your bank.
      • If you choose to exchange item purchased by you for any other item of the same or different value from Platform. In such case, if exchanged item is of the higher value, differences in amount will be charged to you and if exchanged item is of the lower value, differences in amount will be credited to your store credit post successful pick up of original item from you.
      • In case of an exchange/return where the correct product was sent to you and there was no issue in terms of quality, size, colour etc, the amount to be refunded for the returns shall be amount originally paid by you after deducting the shipping charge as may be levied by the company for the products order.
      • The Net amount paid by you (excluding discount / shipping charges) to purchase original item will be considered to calculate difference in amount of original and exchanged item which will be payable by you or refundable as the case may be, for an exchange.
      • Exchanges are only allowed for pin-codes which are serviceable for an exchange.
      • Item cannot be exchanged for multiple products and you are allowed to select single item for exchange. While customer can exchange multiple item at a time by initiating separate exchange request for each of the item.
      • Non- returnable products/categories cannot be exchanged or replaced.
      • Please note, there will be only 1 exchange allowed per order.
      • Products on any kind of clearance sale are NOT SUBJECT to RETURN or EXCHANGE. Items on discount and/or sale will be subject to STORE CREDIT only.
      • We shall reserve the right to restrict exchange of the items purchased on Platform if customer in any way breaches or misuse this Policy, as determined in the Company’s sole discretion. In case you have purchased an item which has a free gift/offer associated with it and you wish to return the main item, then you will have to return the free product as well.
      • If you purchase products which form a part of a package of other products, or if the product forms a part of a promotional package (collectively, the “Bundled Package”), you shall be required to return all the Products that form a part of the Bundled Package for Company to process refunds / issue coupons.

      For example: if you purchased a kurta and a pyjama as 1 (one) Product in a promotional package, you will be required to return both the kurta and the pyjama and will not be permitted to return either only the kurta or only the pyjama from the bundled package.

      • The Company shall not be liable for the products returned by mistake. In circumstances where an extra or a different product is returned by mistake, The Company would not be accountable for misplacement or replacement of the product and is not responsible or under obligation for deliver back to the User. 
      • In case of damaged product, wrong product or quality issues with the products, you must register your complaint within 24 to 48 hours from the time of delivery. Any claim for damaged product/quality issue/wrong product reported after 48 hours from the time of delivery will not be entertained by the Company.
      • No requests for Return, exchange, or replacement shall be entertained by Company if:
      1. The Product has been used for reasons apart from checking fit and comfort.;
      2. The Product has been washed;
      3. The price tags, brand tags, box, original packaging material, and accompanying accessories have been damaged or discarded;
      4. The serial number / bar code of the Product, as applicable, does not match Company’s records;
      5. The accessories delivered with the Product are not returned along with the Product, in an undamaged condition;
      6. There are any dents, tears or any other damage to the Products or any part thereof;
      7. The gifts accompanying the purchased Product have not been returned, or upon being returned, show signs of being used, washed, or defect; or
      8. Company is satisfied that the Product has been rendered defective or unusable.
          • Product returns will strictly be accepted only on the grounds of Size Issue, Defective Product, Damage Product, Style Issue, Design Issue, Wrong Product Delivered, Wrong Size Delivered, Ordered Mistakenly, Product Quality Issue, Product Colour Issue, Fitting Issue, Missing Items or any other valid reason which is validity substantiating the returns and subject to approval from the Company.
        • Issue of store credit(s) / Refund of the amount will be initiated for saleable products only if specifically requested and upon successful completion of quality checks of eligible products at Company’s warehouse. It is further clarified that the Company shall not be required to make any refund / issue coupon in respect of any Product that it deems ineligible for a refund / issue of coupon based on its quality checks parameters.
        • Upon failure of quality check of the eligible products, the Company may at its sole discretion destroy, disposes otherwise deal with such products return, which in its opinion, neither have any commercial value nor any utilization or have lost its actual character substantially without any liability, of whatsoever nature. The Company also reserves its rights to claim or charge from you the expenses incurred by the Company on reverse logistics for picking up product return forthwith or at the time of future purchases from the Company.
        • Store credit(s) issued or refund in your bank account, shall not include money paid towards shipping charges or any other such charges applicable from time to time, except in case of a Product having a defect at the time of delivery (for reasons attributable to, and accepted by Company at its sole discretion after due verification).
        • The Company will keep you updated about the status of your complaint on you registered mobile number or email address, as the case may be. The Company disclaims all liabilities on account of your failure to check any update about the status of your complaint(s).
        • In case the products return is not accompanied by the accessories, gifts or other items originally bundled with such Product, the Company shall have the right, exercisable at its sole discretion, to (i) (a) refuse to accept the product return, or (b) process any refund thereof, or (ii) deduct the amount payable in respect of such items from the amount of refund.
        • Refunds shall be processed by the Company through its normal banking channels only and no request for payment of cash shall be entertained.
        • All refund shall be initiated Indian Rupees.
          The address of Company’s returns desk is:
          MALVIYA NAGAR, NEW DELHI 110017
            • The Company reserve a right to impose such charges as is necessary to reimburse the expense of delivery and pick-up if Company observe that you have a transactional history of repeated returns.
            • The Company also reserve a right to make the products ineligible for return or refund or issue of coupon(s) or replacement, if the Company observe a transactional history of repeated returns.
            • The Company may also notify that the facility of pickup for returns from you has been withdrawn, in which case, you will have to bear your own expense and logistics to return the product back to the Company. 
            • The liability and risk of such returns shall be on you to establish your claim for return. Refund or issue of coupon(s) for returned products or replacement shall only be initiated if they pass through conditions mentioned above. If the product received fails to pass through the verification and checks, the product shall be shipped back to you, for which you shall have to bear the expense.
              • The Company always puts its best efforts to deliver the ordered products within 10 business days from the date of purchase. However, at any rare event where you have not received the ordered products within 10 business days, you must contact the Customer Care of the Company and provide the details of your order.
              • Such intimation on non-receipt of ordered products must be informed to the Customer Care of the Company maximum within 15 days from the date of purchase, failing of which, the Company shall not accept any such claim for further processing and the order will be considered as delivered.
              • Subject to timely intimation by you the Company shall, investigate the matter with the courier partner and provide adequate resolution such as expedite delivery or re-shipment or refund, as the case may be, basis the findings of the investigation.
              • The Company shall rely upon the following two factors while conducting its investigation:
                1. Shipping address and details as used by you while placing the order;
                2. Proof of delivery as obtained by its courier partners, if any.
              • No such claim under this section shall be entertained where the Company, after conducting the required investigation, finds that the products were delivered successfully as per the shipping instructions used by you at the time of placing the order.
              • In case the Company finds that the claim submitted by you is false and it is mere an effort of abusing the return and refund policy of the Company, suitable disciplinary and legal action will be taken against such person at the sole discretion of the Company. 
                • Any request for product return, exchange, replacement of or / and refund you, under this policy of Return and Refund, shall be subject to the sole discretion of the Company.
                  • Any dispute or difference arise on account of any matter under this Policy or in relation to interpretation of the provisions of this Policy shall be governed by the provisions of Indian laws and Delhi court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain the same.

                  CUSTOMISED PRODUCTS

                  Customised products are made as per customers given specifications. As a company policy, we will not be accepting returns or exchanges for any customised product.