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Decoding 2022 Style Trends: The Foremost Guide to Women's Fitted Pants

Written by DIVAM JAIN


Posted on June 14 2022

Shopping can be mind-boggling, so we are compiling the multiple styles of trousers that exist in this blog. Discovering the correct pair of fitted pants for your particular body can be even more confounding as you require a basic knowledge of each class and who they flatter.


Tapered Pants

Definition: Somewhere between straight-cut pants and skinny, a tapered pant features a standard fit from the core to the thighs and only gets narrower after the knees to the ankles. It is often known as peg-legged pants.

Style Guide: We adore these styles of pants as they are identical parts comfy and chic. Go for a pair in a luxe fabric such as satin to create your outfit day-to-night, and wear it with strappy sandals and a tight-fitting top that ends at the waistline. Wear a pair with pleated detailing down the show for traditional work locations and stiffer material. As these pants cut about the ankle, ensure your footwear is on point. 


Sailor Pants

Definition: Initially parts of the uniform of navy men (therefore its name), these pants are currently super stylish and usually have a high waist with a sequence of buttons on the front, with wide or narrow legs.

Style Guide: Embrace the nautical vibe and team white sailor pants using a boat-neck striped top for that summer-on-the-Rivera glimpse, and finish with the trending straw bags and big sunnies. 


Dungarees (Overalls)

Definition: Occasionally, also known as carpenter pants or overalls, these pants are trousers with a bib attached to the front, and attaches at the back with 2 adjustable straps. They are usually made from thicker fabrics as manual labourers wore them but now come in all kinds of fabric from cotton to chambray.

Style Guide: For our warmer climate, we suggest wearing these with a sleeveless top or a crop shirt with a neckline that advances beyond the top of the bib. These pants can be pretty boy-ish, so balance them with a pair of girly footwear such as sandals and heeled pumps. We adore pairing these dungarees with cable-knit sweaters and turtlenecks for freezing temperatures.


Flare Pants

Definition: Also known as bell bottoms, this pants style was sizzling in the 70's, and is really making a significant comeback in this era. This pants style is fitted at the core and hips and flares very dramatically from the knee.

Style Guide: There are two methods you can choose from. You can either counterbalance your general silhouette with a ruffled top or go for a no-frills, fitted t-shirt or top. A Flare pant is available in multiple materials, but the most typical is denim, which tends to loan a more relaxed vibe to your outfit, making it perfect for a casual Friday or the weekend.


Palazzo Pants

Definition: A type of completely loose pants that blazes from the waist–the opposite of skinny jeans or leggings. They come in multiple fabrics and prints and have beautiful movement, lending your whole look a natural hint of drama.

Style Guide: Not all tops go with these pants as they are so voluminous. You'll like to save your tops close-fitted, and if the occasion permits, offering some skin with drop-sleeved camisoles or cropped tops help balance out all that material. These pants tend to reach down to the floor, so most types of shoes will perform as they can't always be seen.


Culottes Pants

Definition: A type of pants that provide the delusion of being a skirt, gratitude to its voluminous legs. The hemline can end from slightly below the knee to above the ankle—a few styles of component pleating on the legs.

Style Guide: A pair of culottes styled with barely-there heeled sandals, strappy or for an edgier look, a pair of flat gladiator sandals are an excellent outfit choice. Appropriate for work and play, you can quickly change your look just by swapping out your top–cropped, off-shoulder tops for Sunday brunch and sleeveless button-downs for the workweek.


Cigarette Pants

Definition: A style of pants with very short and narrow legs that generally graze the ankle. This technique was made prominent by Audrey Hepburn and has witnessed a resurgence in current years, occasionally called skinny, drainpipe or stovepipe pants.

Style Guide: This nifty chic pair of pants is almost ready to show off your amazing footwear, from an edgy Oxford in metallics to a couple of heeled pumps in the opposite colour of your pants. 


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