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Written by DIVAM JAIN


Posted on November 22 2021

FIVE women wear Fabnest checks in their own unique ways!

Checks, just like the woman of today, are beautiful in all colours and sizes. THEY HAVE BEEN A STAPLE AND THEY ARE HERE TO STAY.

In this digital age, it’s almost impossible to not be influenced by all the outfit inspirations out there. It’s the bloggers before the celebrities who set the trend and feed our fashion appetite. It’s no wonder every young woman today wants to follow or be a blogger. Here are a few extremely talented bloggers who have given us 5 diverse yet chic ways to rock that plaid.

Urvashi K Bali (therightshadeofred) in our Gingham dress with multicoloured tassels
Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose. And our favourite inspiration Urvashi is known for unapologetically being herself. Here, she is carrying our gingham cotton dress with every ounce of elegance and style. Perfect for every occasion, from casual brunch to work, it never disappoints.

Tarini Manchanda in our ruffle detail two-tone handloom checkered jacket You know you can count on a woman with a strong mind and personality to effortlessly slay these statement sleeves and Tarini Manchanda tells us just how to do it. This versatile piece promises nothing less than to be an asset in your closet. The nicely styled white top with flared jeans perfectly complements the synch and the character of the jacket.

Sakshi Sindwani (stylemeupwithsakshi) in our two-tone handloom checkered long trench coat.
She is joyful, she is energetic and she is just the right person to tell you the how’s of styling. The risk taker of fashion, Sakshi, styles our beautiful check trench coat with a dress, thigh high boots and a million dollar smile. This coat can easily be taken from day to night. The collars and power shoulders give any outfit the push to make your day go from drab to glam. It is something you definitely want in your closet.

Avisha Chaudhary (avu3) in our handloom cotton window pane cropped pants.
Yes, she is a woman who wears the pants and she wears her pants well. The entrepreneur, the ultimate boss babe and the content creator has the style for days. Avisha pairs the cropped pants with a white T-shirt, red heels and a red beret, making everything about her look nonchalantly sexy. These pants offer great flexibility to the stylist in you and can be built down with a pair of sneakers or amped up with a shirt or blazer.

Shilarna Vaze (chefchinuvaze) in our Gingham dress with tassel
Our ultimate boss lady, Shilarna juggles between various roles of a mother, writer, chef and a TV host, and still manages to effortlessly glide through life and make her outfits count at the same time. Here, she is wearing our trendy gingham cotton dress, styled with colour popping sandals. This dress provides complete comfort without ever having to give up fashion. This easy on the skin dress makes a spring wardrobe staple.

These strong women prove to be inspirational pillars in several ways but style inspo takes the lead. You can count on these beautiful women to guide you just right and keep you ahead of your fashion game.



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